Francesco Goyas famous oil painting 'Witches Flight'

I'm Shane Walders, a front end web developer from Vancouver, British Columbia. I am particularly excited about the capabilities of PHP, HTML, and CSS; and my favorite mock-up tools include Balsamic and InVision.

Before graduating from BCIT in 2019, I worked from 2016 - 2018 at Jukebox Print as their Quality Control Lead, were I was responsible for the oversight of sensitive clients and multiple concurrent projects simultaneously. Earlier, from 2015 - 2016, I held a number of responsibilities at Edgewood Rehabilitation, a recovery center for addiction and substance abuse on Vancouver Island.

In my own time I'm an enthusiastic cyclist with a single speed Mazi Uno (46:16), and a budding fermenter - experimenting with homemade kimchi and hot sauces!

If you find any of this interesting, and you'd like to dive deeper into this portfolio, take a look at my work!