The Compass website was designed using Balsamiq, and was created with SCSS, GitHub, JavaScript, JQuery, and HTML.

Below, I have outlined the design and coding processes for this project. Though, if you have any questions about this project you are welcome to contact me directly. Otherwise, I encourage you to review some other examples of my work!


This website was designed mobile first and was drafted using Balsamiq, while the website was styled using modular SASS mixins and variables.

One of the priorities for the website was to include a responsive SVG map that would indicate the users may specify the locations that are available for reservation. This was accomplished by uploading the HTML code to the text editor, and applying anchor tags and hover states to the selected regions.


This project was managed over a GitHub repository, and was completed over 15 days.

Notable points of development include the individual states pages, with a sticky Google Maps banner identifying the specified location, and JQuery Cycle2 slideshows promoting the destination.


Being the first introduction to GitHub, for both my partner and I, the launch of this website was an important opportunity for us to experience merge conflicts and to learn the resolution process.


This was the first brochure website that I designed and coded, and it was a fantastic opportunity to begin building an expertise with GitHub upon!

If you'd like to take a look at the code that makes up this project, I encourage you to visit my GitHub account. Otherwise, if you have any questions or concerns as it pertains to this matter, I welcome you to contact me directly!