Newsletter Subscription

This responsive Newsletter Subscription Form was created with PHP, Bootstrap, and SCSS frameworks.

Below, I have outlined the design and coding processes for this project. Though, if you have any questions about this project you are welcome to contact me directly. Otherwise, I encourage you to review some other examples of my work!


The design for this website was built off of SCSS mixins and variables in addition to Bootstrap frameworks. While the page layout has been arranged using CSS Grid, and variable outputs based upon the users form submission.


The PHP subscription from is fully responsive, and includes protection from input user errors, using appropriate catches and regex conditions. The form itself will record the input user data and store it in $_SESSIONS().


This Newsletter Subscription form was launched within 9 business days, and has been hosted on this portfolio ever since.


This was one of my early introductions into PHP, which has acted in as my foundation for later projects - such as ShanePress. This is one of the projects that birthed a passion for this language and for coding in general, for me.

If you'd like to take a look at the code that makes up this project, I encourage you to visit my GitHub account. Otherwise, if you have any questions or concerns as it pertains to this matter, I welcome you to contact me directly!