This website was developed using PHP, SASS, JavaScript, and MyPHPAdmin database interactions. Alongside of this website, I have built a custom content management system using raw PHP.

Below, I have outlined the design and coding processes for this project. Though, if you have any questions about this project you are welcome to contact me directly. Otherwise, I encourage you to review some other examples of my work!


This website and backend content management system was designed mobile first with a particular focus on accessibility.

To further emphasize this priority, I have chosen to use a button for the navigation menu as opposed to hamburger divs so that users may tab through the website with an ease of mobility, and I have highlighted the default blue and red links of the tags to maintain a high level of visual contrast for vision impaired.

The low-fidelity mock-ups were designed using Balsamiq, while the styles were processed using SASS mixins, variables, and modules.

The following priorities for this website was designed to prioritize responsivity, and modularity, which were obtained by the use of modular SASS and PHP files in order to organize the code.


The website, and all of the HTML content are managed by backend text editors and SQL server connections to a collection of MyPHPAdmin databases.

The Admin panel of this website is protected by a secure login system with password encryption in order to protect users from potential database breaches.

While the backend text editors rely on a custom HTML markdown language that was developed using PHP str_replace() functions, in order to properly categorize and retrieve content. This markdown system has also been developed to accommodate both raw SVG code and Font Awesome tags.

In addition to this, I have created a backend access to visitors who wish to review the admin panel of this website. If you are interested in accessing this portion of the CMS, you may do so by using the username "visitor" and the password "access". However, please note that your access will be limited to the main major pages and that any changes will be processed using cookies.


The foundation of this website was developed within 4 weeks and has experienced various optimizations, the implementation of additional features, and updates since then.

While this project has been launched, it still continues to evolve and develop as I grow as a developer.


This website may easily be considered a passion of love. I am incredibly excited by the potential of PHP, and often found myself working from 12 to 14 hours a day on this project.

I look forward to adding more advanced functionality to this website in the future. Specifically, I am excited to include image processing functionality and to give administrative users control over the visual stylings of the website, from within the admin backend.

If you'd like to take a look at the code that makes up this project, I encourage you to visit my GitHub account. Otherwise, if you have any questions or concerns as it pertains to this matter, I welcome you to contact me directly!